During our Leadership Conference when we were all fading by mid-afternoon, Tami came along and brightened up our day by guiding us through her meditation technique that resulted in new energy, clarity and purpose.

It was the talk of our conference as one of the best sessions. Thank you for this gift.

Simone Wright – VP Human Resources Asia Pacific

Hi Tami – Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the information I gathered from your workshop. I have been trying for years to meditate and after your workshop I am finally meditating regularly. I must admit I came along with the usual reservations that you have about whether the whole thing might not be relevant to my needs but it was brilliant. Now all I have to do is sit, listen to my breathing and put it all into ‘inaction’. Before the meditation workshops I was always irritated and stressed in my workplace and this flowed over to my home life. Meditation has brought many benefits such as raising my performance and improving my relationships. The hardest part about meditating is finding the time to meditate, or so one thinks, until the results flow through you. I now have time to think before I act. When I sit down to meditate now, relaxing a little more with each breath, I am successful in letting all my concerns drift away. My mind is truly empty of everything that I was concerned about before I sat. All I hear is the steady flow of my breath. My body and soul are at peace because you have helped me find my way to inner quiet. Many Thanks for sharing the White Light.

Susanne Grieve A – TAFE NSW – Sydney Institute

Thank you for providing us all with a wonderful Gift! I am big believer in things occurring at the right time for the right reason and your book came into my life at precisely the right time. Challenges always present us with a choice. You can chose to be overwhelmed and fall victim to your current circumstances or you can take control of your life by learning to quiet the mind, listen to the heart and reconnect with your true self. We must believe in ourselves and our ability to cultivate happiness in our lives and The Gift is a wonderful reminder and teacher on how to do so. I love it!

Layne Beachley – 7 times World Surfing Champion

Tami Roos has the rare ability to share potent wisdom in a highly accessible way. The Gift: Presence to Power offers very practical tools and techniques for living with more kindness, love, peace and wisdom. Don’t be deceived by the size – this is a life-changing book!

Jono Fisher – Founder, Wake Up Sydney!

The Gift: Presence to Power is a much needed, insightful and empowering guidebook to meditation. The pages are infused with profound thoughts, simple practices, mindful anecdotes, beautiful stories and love. The content resonates so deeply that by the end you feel so much gratitude for what is. Tami Roos is a Master at communicating – from simply connecting to the breath to reaching deep into the consciousness and inner self. The book generates self-belief and inner peace, a formula essential for leading a balanced, fulfilled and meaningful life. It truly is a gift that you should gift yourself and anyone you care for.

Jacqui Erskine

When I first started playing football it was purely a physical thing. I wanted to get fitter and stronger, I wanted to be faster and more skilful. I began to realise midway through my professional footballing career that I required something more than just the physicality of the game. I needed to equip myself with a different set of tools that would help to prepare me mentally. Tami has helped me greatly with my meditation. Her guidance and teaching methods have allowed me to increase my focus, knowledge of meditation and self-awareness. Most importantly meditation has created a balance for me and that balance has transcended into all other areas of my life.

Brett Kirk, Sydney Swans Premiership Captain

The combination of Maximum Performance & Mediation – Paul & Tami worked brilliantly. It worked well because of the subject matter and from the perspective of hearing from one of the most successful coaches in Australian and his partner. It made it obvious why Paul Roos is so successful, the other 15 coaches had no chance. I have received fantastic feedback from the team. I cannot believe the number of guys who are going to try meditation. I am already thinking about how we can incorporate the combined presentation into a corporate function with clients and their partners.

Michael Sarpi – General Manager, Commonwealth Bank

I can honestly say meditation has had a profound effect on the way I live my life. In dealing with the stresses of a life with four busy children and an even busier husband to insomnia and other illness, it has allowed me to find a little peace in this crazy world. Tami Roos has a great gift and it is a privilege to share it. Moreover, she takes the mystery out of meditation and makes successful practice very achievable in the modern context. I implore anyone considering learning, to trust Tami as nothing is impossible.

Eleanor Langford

I am not sure whether I found meditation or it found me but as a devotee of yoga it seemed a natural progression when a friend introduced me to Tami and her meditation course – no huge decision it just seemed right. From the first session I knew this was something that was going to enhance my life. Four years on and I can confirm meditation, on a very subtle level, has changed how I go about my everyday life and deal with the stresses of the contemporary world. Tami is a very serene and gracious person, grounded and engaging and her beautiful, compassionate voice takes you perfectly on an inner journey of meditation. Whether it is a guided meditation using calming imagery, on the breath or practicing quiet reflection, meditation softens the mind giving a deep inner peace and promoting clarity of thought which has improved my concentration and memory, enabling me to be more focused and time effective without the overwhelming feeling of being over committed. Tami has helped me establish a meditation practice so I feel positively motivated to meditate which in itself I endeavour to make a daily discipline and know even the shortest of times can promote a sense of inner calm, feeling light and relaxed but at the same time energized. Meditation has helped me get in touch with my deeper inner self – a place that is comfortable and anxiety free, where my intuition has been sharpened and my spiritual development has been enhanced. The changes created by meditation are deep and personal but are real and I know are beneficial to both myself and those around me.

Jacqui Erskine

When I first started working with Paul and got to meet Tami, I gained an insight to their energy and approach to life, I didn’t really know how to take it. I’m fortunate enough to have been exposed to and worked with some of the biggest names in world sport, including several high profile coaches. Knowing how stressful and consuming coaching can be, I was always surprised why Roosy still had a full head of natural coloured hair and was so balanced. Usually coaches age rapidly and it consumes their life, which is understandable, in view of the constant pressure and critiquing by fans, media and officials. When it comes to Roosy, words that come to mind are the usual ones that come with a successful person such as focused, driven, lateral thinker, confident but also in his amour is balanced, centered and spiritually aware of himself and most importantly the people around him. After spending more time with the Roos’ I was exposed to one of the possible reasons as to why they are so well balanced and that’s meditation. So much so that I enrolled in Tami’s course and was blown away as to how quickly I was able to tune in. For someone whose mind is usually full and going at a million miles an hour, Tami was able to show me a path that gave me an escape and a bit more balance in my life. I had been practicing yoga for about two years before so this was the perfect progression and it helps me tune out, rest my mind and re-focus my energy. Yoga did wonderful things for me physically and Tami was able to open some of my mental and spiritual channels which have been a great benefit. Tami is brilliant at what she does and one of her greatest strengths, like Paul, is her way of communicating. Meditation does not have to be too spiritual and is not too complicated when you break it down; you just have to be open to it. Practicing it constantly is an ongoing challenge but I’m finding my own ways that are more suitable to me and my life and that’s what’s so great about it, it has no boundaries.

Nick Fordham – Managing Director of The Fordham Company

At a recent Year 11 Conference organized by Cranbrook School, one of the workshops I was involved in was an ‘Introductory Course to Meditation’ with Tami Roos. I was really surprised with my reaction to the meditation as I had always thought that any effect would be very superficial, but after the feelings that I experienced that day, I now know that it is far more profound as it re-energized me and cleared my mind immediately. In the room we sat down on our mats and Tami started her session by explaining the benefits of meditation and how we could apply it to our lives. We were told to close our eyes and she commenced a meditation practice that lasted about forty minutes. She started to talk in her very calming voice and told us to clear our minds of all thoughts and to visualize a path and a garden to enable us to feel peaceful and relaxed; it was a bit like a journey. I felt a calm sense of heaviness throughout my body and head with tingling in my hands, feet and face. It was a really chilled out feeling. At the conclusion of the camp we were asked which workshop we found most interesting and useful; a large proportion of the Year 11 boys, including myself, said they got the most out of the meditation. Since the course I have applied meditation to my sport life and to my academic endeavors. For example, every Saturday morning, before my First XV rugby match I have twenty minutes meditating to clear my mind, and after I have finished I close my eyes again and visualize the way I want to play. As we were taught I can wake myself out of the state naturally. I have found this practice has calmed my nerves, made me much more focused and more confident. Recently, before my last exams I sat down in a quiet place fifteen minutes before an exam to calm my mind to give me clarity of thought in order to remember topics and material. I feel it has been most beneficial on all accounts and I am really grateful to Tami for introducing me to meditation which I know with ongoing practice will be a tool I can carry with me throughout life.

Tom Erskine

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Tami as I am very excited about the impact her meditation sessions have had on the boys and staff. Tami’s sessions have been an integral component of the School’s pastoral care programme this year as well as at the Year 11 Conference. In subsequent surveys of the conference, Tami’s sessions were the most highly regarded, both from the perspective of being the most enjoyable as well as being highly relevant and useful to the boys. Tami is a knowledgeable, professional, well-organised teacher who engages warmly with the boys, many of whom report to their Tutors and Housemasters that they are continuing to practise the skills they have learnt. I came away from the International Boys’ School Conference in 2008 and the Martin Seligman –led positive psychology conference at Geelong Grammar in 2009 convinced of the worth of meditation to provide focus and inner calm to boys who are engaged in the very stressful years of senior school. Tami’s work with our boys here has confirmed this view. Please contact me if you have further questions about Tami’s work as I am more than happy to extol the virtues of her meditation knowledge as well as the engaging way in which she teaches it to the students.

Mr AT Jenkinson – Director of Pastoral Programmes

I would like to thank you both for your participation in our Leader’s Conference from 1 July 2017 in Maui, Hawaii, USA.

We really appreciated the involvement from both of you in your respective sessions. Tami, your theory and practice Meditation Session was a big hit with the Conference attendees including partners and some of the older children. Everyone got a great deal out of the session and talked about it throughout the week.

You enlightened us as to the science and the benefits attributable to meditation and I, for one, was certainly unaware of those prior to your discussion. I know several us have commenced meditating since your session and look forward to seeing the long-term benefits of that new behaviour.

Paul’s presentation on his time with the Sydney and Melbourne Football Clubs had significant relevance to our leaders and that session, along with the Question and Answer period, was of great value. It inspired lots of ideas to assist us in the long term development of our business.

We were appreciative of both of you having an opportunity to spend some time getting to know our leaders and their families and like-wise we appreciated the opportunity to get to know both of you as well.

We look forward to ongoing involvement of Roos Synergy in Fletchers business.

Bradley Brown
Chief Executive Officer and Director – fletchers.net.au

Thank you Paul and Tami for your support of our business.

Your combined presentation, A Winning Culture combined with mindfulness and meditation was an absolute standout and a great way to launch our overall day. The combination of you both created really great energy and focused our team on the exact outcomes that we wanted for the day; team culture, leadership; change, fun and wellbeing in the workplace.

You were engaging and your content was relevant to every individual in the room. Your love of life and enthusiasm for creating a positive impact on people’s wellbeing was extremely apparent and welcomed. We have commenced weekly meditation sessions in our workplace, [which has had an extremely healthy take up), and the direct and honest insight into culture and leadership has definitely had an impact for all our managers, Partners and Directors. All comments from the audience were extremely positive and we would most certainly recommend you both to anyone looking for very adaptable, engaging and fulfilling speakers.
We look forward to continuing to have you work with DPM ongoing to continue our journey to make very good to great.

Craig J Meade – Executive Director – DPM