575894491Sport is Life

Sport is Life, Life is Sport is Tami Roos’s first book, written in partnership with husband, Paul Roos.Paul is one of the most highly respected coaches in Australian sport. His unique approach to motivation and leadership transformed Australian Rules Football team, the Sydney Swans into two-time grand finalists and 2005 Premiership winners.

Tami Roos PhD, as meditation facilitator and intuitive counsellor, taught a number of the Sydney Swans players on the way to the 2005 Premiership.

Married for over 20 years, Tami and Paul are adamant that lessons learned on the field apply equally to all aspects of life. They reveal the secrets and strategies behind the Roos’s approach, covering issues such as work/life balance, the importance of family, travel, goal-setting and prioritizing, parenting, sport and health, community, spiritual well-being and, of course, coaching.

They are refreshingly honest and upfront as they impart their collective wisdom, earned from lives punctuated by public achievement.

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gift-bookThe Gift: Presence to Power

The Gift: Presence to Power is a guidebook that offers timeless wisdom for the individual seeking to slow down, gain clarity and experience more calm in their life. The message contained within these pages is that it is possible for anyone, regardless of age or gender, religion or creed, geographical location and monetary means to benefit from these practices. They are simple, easy to use, and effective. By embracing the tools and techniques highlighted throughout the twenty-one chapters the reader has the ability to positively influence their life. As the reader advances through the pages, each chapter builds upon the previous one, and it is through this format that the individual starts reaping the benefits.

Self-help instruction is there in the form of meditation, journaling, relaxation techniques, breath awareness, and embracing nature to name a few. This guidebook is the teacher, the helping hand that is there beside you to guide you and remind you of The Gift: Presence to Power. It is a timeless companion that can be read over and over again with new insights gained each time it is read. Ideal for the student, the athlete, the mother, the father, the brother, the sister, the CEO, the lawyer, the accountant, the best friend…

The Gift: Presence to Power is a blueprint for anyone who is looking to find ways to relax, reconnect and empower their lives.

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Here It Is

Drawing on his experience from 268 games as a coach, Paul shares his insights about keeping perspective, motivating people and the importance of strong communication skills to achieve results. Paul reveals how he took his original plan and the lessons learned while coaching the Swans to rebuild the Melbourne Demons, a club that was on its knees, when he answered the call to coach.

The book also covers infamous incidents from Roos’ coaching career, including the stories behind his relationships with hard-headed premiership captain Barry Hall and former AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou. Roos also details the intricate strategies involved in re-shaping all areas of the Melbourne Football Club.

Roos is a leader for our times sharing his vision for how empathy and strong relationships can inspire any team to reach for victory – together. Part sporting memoir, part leadership game plan, this book is a masterclass from one of the all-time greats.

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