55828454Paul Roos is one of the most sought-after authorities on teamwork, leadership and performance, with a career spanning three decades in professional sport, media commentary, corporate speaking and training.

His wife Tami Roos, his partner in The Roos Synergy, is a PHD, an author (The Gift: Presence to Power), meditation facilitator and intuitive counsellor. It is her belief and message that all of us have unlimited and untapped potential within each and every one of us. That potential has always been there. It has never been outside of us. It is in each individual. It is vital for us to start taking responsibility for our own life.

The Roos Synergy has been designed for the benefit of a very broad range of individuals and executive teams across the corporate landscape. Using Paul Roos’ proven success of working with numerous corporate entities with an eye to fine-tuning leadership, teams and cultures, The Roos Synergy is primed to assist them strive for their target goals in a seamless and effective manner.

Meditation and mindful awareness are introduced as key components to creating a culture that enhances personal well-being and thus a healthier and happier organisation.

The Roos Synergy firmly believes that while leadership starts at the top the flow-on effect to peers and the organisation as a whole is a paramount consideration. Successful leaders need to engage followers, who share their same corporate philosophy, standards and beliefs, in order for the leader to lead from the front.

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